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Kristy Cone, copywriter storybrand

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What I Do

I help businesses and entrepreneurs build thriving organizations through powerful brand messaging, business and marketing strategy, and copywriting.  

Business Strategy

Identify your unique talents, and create a focused plan to move forward quickly.

Branding & Marketing

Clarify the problems you solve, and communicate your solutions clearly.


Craft your message with powerful words that connect with your audience.

Another Perspective

A lot of marketing is a complete waste of money because businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs don't connect with their audience.

To understand their perspective, you may need another set of eyes.

change perspective

"We can't solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

~ Albert Einstein

What Others Are Saying


Kris generated an expanded understanding of what I wanted to communicate, allowing me clarity in my messaging, yielding fresh and specific market differentiators.  Her tenacity pushed me not to settle.  


Daphne Smith


It is nice to have someone new come in and provide creative ideas that help you move in a different direction.  Kris helps you brainstorm, helps your creative side come out, and is so helpful answering questions.

Sadie Derry KC Waterproofing testimonial small

Sadie Derry

KC Waterproofing, Inc.


Kris is a brilliant communicator. She understands and respects the power of words, and as a result she writes words that sell.

Marshall Bone

Marshall Bone

Evergreen Business Academy

If you want help translating your complex, "techno-babble" into simple, concise language that connects with your customers, let's get started.


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