Hi, I'm Kristy.

Business Strategist, Marketing Consultant, and Copywriter.

I help businesses and entrepreneurs build thriving organizations that bring their best skills, talents, and expertise to the world.

I specialize in business strategy, marketing, optimizing user experience, and direct response copy for websites, sales funnels, and emails.

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I Am the "Other MacGyver"

Raised on a farm in the Midwest, I learned to work hard, make smart decisions with limited resources, and overcome obstacles by studying harder than everyone else. 

I’ve been called “MacGyver” for my uncanny knack of finding makeshift solutions in pressing circumstances.

I’ve spent 25+ years in the banking industry, working with 1,000’s of business of all sizes and industries.

Know what drives me crazy? 

Things that are broken, complicated, inefficient, or otherwise don’t work.  

There is a lot in the banking industry that is complex, frustrating, and difficult to understand.  

But I've figured out how to simplify the complicated, streamline the inefficient, and solve the challenging problems. 

Have you?

Do You Have “Proximity Blindness?”

Many leaders and organizations know there’s a problem, but they don’t fix it. 

So they continue to do the same things, and make the same mistakes, over and over.  

This is called “Proximity Blindness.”

It happens when you are too close to the process to be objective about the next right step. 

When your biases, experiences, and emotions keep you from making the decisions you need to make.  

Sometimes you just need a “MacGyver” who sees things from a different angle to find solutions hidden in plain sight.    

The best answers to the toughest problems usually start with another perspective.  

Are You Ready for An Outside Perspective?

A lot of organizations, businesses, and entrepreneurs get stuck because they don’t ask the right questions, or have the tough conversations. 

They never deal with the problems and challenges that keep them from moving forward.  

And the world misses out on the skills, talents, and gifts they bring to the table. 

Is it time to face the challenges that are in your way?

  • Are you clear about the problem you solve in the world?
  • Do you know who your customer really is, and where their pain points are?
  • Is it time to take the next right step to take your business to the next level?

I can bring that outside perspective - that other set of eyes to your situation.  

You can leverage my business expertise and marketing skills to help you grow your business.

To see how we might work together, get started here:

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Kristy Cone
CEO and Founder, The Next Level Group, LLC